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5 Tips to Host a Super Bowl Party On a Budget

Super Bowl LIV is the perfect excuse to host a party and get together with family, friends and neighbors. Last year, 111.9 million people tuned into the big game, so we can only assume that this year will be just as big! Whether you’re a football fanatic, or just looking forward to funny commercials and delicious food (who’s with me?), these tips will help you host a budget-friendly Super Bowl party sure to leave your guests impressed.

Here are 5 tips on hosting an awesome Super Bowl party on a budget!

Tip #1: Recruit a Super Bowl Party Co-Host

Party planning should be fun, but it can become stressful and expensive if you take it all on yourself. Instead, try recruiting a friend to be your Super Bowl 51 co-host. Not only will this split some of the costs associated with the party, but it will also lighten the workload. You don’t want to be the only one stuck cleaning up after your guests leave! Not to mention, friends make the party planning process much more enjoyable.

Tip #2: Make Party Snacks from Scratch

Can we all agree that a Super Bowl party wouldn’t be complete without something to snack on? Yeah, I thought so! While it may be tempting to order in pizza and call it a day, it won’t be so easy on your wallet. Instead, quickly whip up your own Super Bowl snacks, appetizers, and dips to save a bit of dough. You can easily find simple recipes on the web that won’t take a lot of prep time if you plan ahead. If you’re hosting a kid-friendly Super Bowl party, get them involved in a fun baking activity! The kids will love showing off their team spirit with fun sprinkles and decorations, and everyone else will enjoy the end result!

Tip #3: Buy in Bulk

Save money on your Super Bowl party and head to your local wholesaler to buy party essentials in bulk. Think: plates, napkins, flatware, paper towels and the like. While you may not need 24 rolls of paper towels for just one party, these types of things are great to have on hand for everyday use, and of course for future parties! If you’re looking for Super Bowl-themed place settings and plates, skip the gimmicky (and super marked up) team-specific options and head to your local dollar store to find solid colored plates and flatware in your team’s colors. When you’re stocking up on the essentials, don’t forget to pick up Super Bowl-friendly snacks, appetizers, and mixers. Big bags of popcorn and potato chips are always popular, and tortilla chips are paired well with salsa and guacamole. By taking advantage of the deals found at your local wholesaler, you won’t have to worry about running low on snacks or supplies, and you’ll be able to get the bulk of your shopping done in one place — a win-win!

Tip #4: Bring Your Own Beverage is Best

Now that the food is covered, your guests are going to need something cold to wash it all down. Unfortunately, buying soda, water and other drinks for a crowd can add up and cost a pretty penny. Ease the cost burden by asking your guests to bring their favorite beverage, and offer them cups and ice. This way, you’ll know that everyone has something to drink, and you’ll save on one of the costliest aspects of hosting a party. After all, you’re guests will probably be relieved that they can pick up something quick on the way, and don’t have to worry about preparing a dish!

Tip #5: Save Big on a Big Screen

Let’s not forget about one of the most important elements of a good Super Bowl party: the TV. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new TV for the game, but don’t want to spend the big bucks, fear not! You can buy open box and refurbished big screens at a fraction of retail prices, so you can save cash without sacrificing inches (or 4K). The best part? You’ll be able to enjoy your purchase long after Super Bowl 51 is over.

So get your fan gear ready and channel your inner-team spirit because with these tips, planning a budget-friendly Super Bowl party will be a breeze!

5 Tips to Host a Super Bowl Party On a Budget