Advenir takes great pride in the quality of content we share with our residents, and simply do so, to keep our residents informed and updated.  As a pet-friendly community, we want to educate our future or current pet owners about the projected costs of medical care over the lifespan for a pet.   If you are thinking about adopting an animal, please ask the animal shelter about the realistic costs of keeping an animal for 10 – 15 years.  When picking pet health insurance, make sure to research any exclusions or pre-existing health conditions for the breed you are interested in adopting or owning.  Ensure that you have the financial resources and discipline to care for an animal prior to adopting. Pets bring a lot of joy to the home, and we love hosting them in our communities, especially in our community bark parks. 

Hopefully, the information and sources provided below will help guide you through the pet insurance discovery phase.  Almost all pet insurance policies have a waiting period.  Make sure you are well informed about any problems that appear during the waiting period and whether the insurance provider will cover them, as they did not exist prior to signage.  Be informed and shop around to see which insurance provider will work best for you and your furry pals. Comparing policies and quotes from a range of different companies will help you to choose the best coverage for your needs.  We believe in Unparalleled Living for our residents.  Advenir Living fosters flexibility and a stress-free living experience for you and your pet.  We recommend these 4 plans that are affordable, flexible, and designed to be quick and simple when processing a claim. 

Also, make sure that the coverage you pick allows your pet to visit any clinic.  If you have your choice of vet clinics, why not pick the best!  In addition to our discussion on best pet insurance 2021, we have chosen the best rated GoogleMyBusiness vet clinics in the Sunshine State that are near some of our communities.  Our final message for those unexpected events (accidents or illness), is that we believe pet insurance is worth the monthly cost for peace of mind.  For some pet owners, unexpected treatment costs from a veterinary clinic can put a considerable dent in our residents’ finances.  Getting part of that money reimbursed quickly is a plus for the stress-free living state of our residents.
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